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It’s worth paying attention to our little village called Ipolytölgyes ! Our village is one of those – aproximately one thousand – hungarian settlments with inhabitants under 500 persons. Ipolytölgyes can be found along the foot of Ipoly-Börzsöny area and is regarded a unique place not only for those living here but from many aspects country-wide as well!

Actually, we do not have famous touristic attractions or ancient ruins or churches but we have many other things we can boast of , so stop here with your bike or motor bike and cars and have a rest here, explore the countryside and enjoy its natural beauty.

A practiced tourist coming from south or east may notice from far that something is strange with the the church – it stands at the edge of the village, not even at the highest point and its tower is not above the entrance.. Why ? – with the answer we can start the history of Ipolytölgyes with its symbol of a double-cross in its seal.

The paintings at the ceiling of the church are also unique: one of the paintings shows the view of the church from outside, the other is the figure of the painter herself. In the garden of the church you can marvel at a tower-cross and even touch it… it is a marvellous rare industrial masterpiece.

If you continue your walk from the church towards the river Ipoly and may have a look back at the Börzsöny mountains, you can enjoy the breathtaking view. Futhermore, on your righ you can notice the buildings of the Home of the Disabled, the biggest such place of the Hungarian Catholic Church. On your left, a bit farther away, you can see modern factory buldings of a global company. This is also Ipolytölgyes ! Now, you may have tasted why Ipolytölgyes is a unique place ! Here, we can choose from two workplaces per one inhabitant! To achieve this, you don’t have to move to a dynamicly developing industrial town or at the surroundings. A peaceful village at the foot of Börzsöny and along the river Ipoly can well provide it at the neighbourhood of touristic interests, 18 kms from Esztergom and 45 kms from Vác.

You can believe me: this is a place not only for relaxation but a good place to live as well!


Mr.Bertalan Radnai
Mayor of the village